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Course :: Progressive kite surfing

Our aim is to create a fun and safe environment in which the total beginner can learn to kite surf in just a matter of days. If you're already a kite surfer and want to improve your skills you can get expert instruction in one of Europe's best and most reliable wind spots.

Below is a basic outline of how our 3 day course can run. Progress may be faster or slower depending on the individual's ability. Sporty people may be able to get to the water start stage in 2 days.


First ground handling experience

The first part of our beginner course we spend in a nearby meadow learning to use small kites with short lines so you can get used to handling a kite.

This day is important to learn how to handle a kite and the associated safety issues to enable you to be confident and progress more rapidly when you get on the water.

Depending on the conditions, we will take the boat out on the lake, where you will get your first experiences in handling the kite  in the water. Launching from the boat enables you, to do a much longer downwind leg without the risk of reaching land.Out here, you have got plenty of time and space to attempt your first bodydrags.Our coaches will teach you various bodydragging techniques. Developing good skills in bodydragging are very important to be able to get the board on your feet and quickly progress to water start level.

DAY 2 & 3

Preparing for a start
Ready to Kite Surf!

Depending on the conditions and your personal skills we take the board out on the boat with us and you will have your first attempts at trying to get up on a board and becoming a full on kite surfer.

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